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How to pick Automotive Lighting
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Automotive Lighting is related to an important vehicle safety components, play a key role in the car driving, especially when there are a variety of unusual weather or unexpected situation, to give the driver the important tips to ensure road safety. Automotive Lighting mainly by light microscopy, mirrors, auto bulbs three parts, and the key factors of light microscopy, and the light bulb filament design and location of both the reasonableness of the mirror with a direct impact on the quality of lighting products distribution. Purchase should note the following:

     First, consumers in the purchase of automotive lighting not only focus on product prices. Auto lamps on the market from a dozen to a hundred dollars, of varying quality, but the price is basically matching lamps around tens of dollars, but due to cost and other issues, ancillary products generally do not circulate in the auto parts market.

     Second, as far as possible to buy some well-known manufacturers. Most of these enterprises to produce ancillary products, there are products in circulation in the auto parts market, which produce stable and reliable product quality, consumers should give priority to the use of these enterprises producing automotive lighting products.

     Third, consumers pay attention to when purchasing automotive lighting products carefully to see. View product certification, manufacturer name, the implementation of standards and address, telephone products. Philip bulbs can be used, such as large-scale formal Osram lamp manufacturers product, do not buy three products.

     Fourth, consumers in the purchase of automotive lighting products can be a simple visual inspection. Quality automotive lighting products should look no adverse defect, feel smooth, no glitches; bulbs should be the national standard car bulbs; for car headlight, consumers in the purchase can see its light cutoff line shape is clear, neat .