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LED mass market high value-added new blue ocean
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Currently, LED headlamp is to achieve commercialization latest automotive LED lamps. In addition to meeting the technical high light output and maintain junction temperature of 120 ℃, high prices and restricted the commercialization of the development of LED headlamps. On car headlights, it should be made a product with two difficulties: optical system design and thermal design.

In the optical system design, automotive LED headlamp GB25991-2010 national standards, the spatial distribution of the light intensity headlamps must meet the following requirements:

Illuminate road signs and traffic signals ahead of the vehicle

Not cause uncomfortable glare to other car driver

Beam headlamp light distribution is completely asymmetric:

The middle is a high-intensity area, as much as possible to illuminate the road ahead

The beam has spread out in the horizontal direction, in order to facilitate the case of roadside discern

In pointing to the direction of the other side to the driver's eyes light intensity is small, does not produce glare

Between light and dark area there is a headlamp produce very distinct boundaries (cut-off) wire

Director Yang said projection lens style LED headlamps and headlamp emitting type LED can achieve the above requirements.
More difficult with respect to the optical system design, how to provide a better thermal solution. Junction temperature rise will result in reduced efficiency of light wavelength chromaticity shift, shortened life expectancy. When the junction temperature exceeds 150 ℃, the lamps will fail. Director Yang said cooling methods are commonly used heat sinks, heat pipes, fans, and other coating materials of high radiation.

In fact, as early as during the "Eleventh Five-Year" China has for LED car lights were focused on the deployment and development. National 863 Program "Semiconductor Lighting Project" major projects in the "Eleventh Five-Year" to start the first topic in the arrangement of the "Automotive LED light source system development", "car headlamps before integration technology research" and "High-power LED lights research and large-scale application of the "three R & D-related topics. Currently have achieved excellent results.

As technology advances, the cost of LED lighting is gradually reduced, however, with respect for traditional lamps, LED lamps price is still a certain gap. Faced with enormous potential in the automotive LED lighting applications, I believe that under the premise of protecting the quality of products to reduce the price of LED lamps is to promote automotive lighting LED of the key points.