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The application status of domestic LED in display and light
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Affect many aspects of the advantages of LED subject to various industries worldwide wider application. As of current, LED has been used in our more mature industry, and played a positive effect essential. With LED lights in the display and application, for example, specific performance:

     (1) LED applications in the display

     Driven by the rapid development of digital information, the previous display technology lag increasingly prominent, for which you need to take effective measures to gradually increase the display technology innovations, improve, namely by introducing the LED display industry, making the display to optimize and upgrade, along with a number of advantages: one for light, portability enhancements; secondly to increase the screen brightness and color performance, making it more uniformity; Third reduce power consumption, high luminous efficiency, endurance significantly increased environmental pollution.

     (2) LED lights in applications

     Compared with developed countries, the current LED applications in China's auto market is in its infancy, and many other aspects to be further mature and improve. I believe that, LED application market, there are both advantages and disadvantages of the car.

The advantage reflected in:

     First, a long service life, namely automotive lighting when using LED, so under normal circumstances the car without replacing the lamp life;

     Second, high efficiency, low energy consumption, in line with the concept of sustainable development strategies;

     Third, the structure is relatively simple, that the internal support structure, surrounded by a transparent epoxy resin sealing, good seismic performance;

     Fourth, the relatively high quality of light;

     Fifth, in line with the low voltage working conditions, more suitable for the car;

     Sixth, lit without delay, lights respond faster to adapt to fast moving objects;

     The seven, LED occupy a relatively small volume, usually does not affect the overall appearance car.

The disadvantage reflected:

     First, the cost is relatively high;

     Second, the optical design difficulty coefficient greater;

     Third, the cooling performance is poor, prone to bad light phenomenon;

     Fourth, maintenance performance is poor.